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India ranks fourth amongst the wind-energy-producing countries of the world after China, USA and Germany.

Estimated potential is around 49130 MW at 50m, 102788 MW at 80m, 302251 MW at 100m, 695509 MW at 120m and 1163856 MW at 150m above ground level.

Exhaustive wind resource assessment has been carried out in 939 stations spread over various parts of the country.

Windfarms have been installed in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu & West Bengal. Majority of installed capacity belongs to Private Sector in seven states.

A good number of wind turbine manufacturers are active in India and producing Wind Electric Generators (WEGs) of rating 225 kW to 5200 kW.

A large number of agencies have come up to supply components/spares/ accessories and to provide services like Erection, O&M, Civil & Electrical Construction, Consultancy etc.

A large number of water pumping windmills and small aero-generators have been installed in the country.

Wind-Solar and Wind-Diesel Hybrid systems have also been installed at a few places.

The Central Ministry and several State Nodal Agencies encourage growth of Wind Energy Sector through financial incentives and policy support.

The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India has established a National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) at Chennai with field test station at Kayathar to act as technical focal point for wind power development in the country.

Financial assistance for Renewable sources of energy is available through Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA), a supporting arm of MNRE, GOI.

The gross installed Renewable energy capacity in India reached a high of 125.60 GW by end of 2013. The ratios are like this : Wind: 34.06 GW and Solar: 53.36 GW, Bio-power: 8.63 GW and Small hydro power:3.95 GW.

Facts & Figures

Largest Rating of WEG installed

5200 kW, Adani Green Energy

Highest Hub Height of WEG installed

156 m, Envision Wind Power Technology 3300 kW

Maximum Rotor Diameter of WEG installed

160 m, Adani Green Energy, 5200 kW

Maximum Installations in a State

10017 MW, Tamil Nadu

Maximum Installed Capacity by a WEG Supplier

13790 MW, Suzlon Energy

Maximum installable Potential in a State

84431 MW, Gujarat (at 100 m above ground level)

142560 MW, Gujarat (at 120 m above ground level)

284250 MW, Rajasthan (at 150 m above ground level)

Maximum No. of NIWE Wind Monitoring Stations Installed in a State

143 Nos., Maharashtra

Largest Height of Wind Monitoring Mast Installed in India

170 metre

Highest Elevation at which Windfarm Established

1100 m.a.s.l at Vankusawade, Maharashtra

Highest Elevation at which Wind Monitoring Station Established

4533 m.a.s.l. at Chushul, J&K

Highest Capacity Addition in a Financial Year

5505 MW during 2016-17

Highest Capacity Addition in a Financial Year in a State

2187 MW during 2016-17 in Andhra Pradesh

Highest Capacity Addition in a Financial Year by a WEG Manufacturer in India

2037 MW during 2016-17 by Gamesa Wind

First WEG Installed under Demonstration Projects

55 kW & 110 kW, Micon make at Mandvi, Gujarat, commissioned on 15.01.1986

(Completed 36 years)

First Commercial Windfarm Developer

M/s Pandian Chemicals, Madurai (TN) 250 kW WEGs, NEPC-Micon make at Kattadimalai, Dist. Kanyakumari (TN) commissioned on 28.03.90

(Completed 32 years)

Overall Average Rating of WEG Installed in India as on 31.03.2023

1135 kW

Average Rating of WEG Installed in India during 2022-23

2298 kW

First Concrete Tower for WEG

Enercon 230 kW WEG at Gudimangalam, Dist. Coimbatore

First Wind Monitoring Station

Sultanpet (T.N.) established on 28.07.1986
(Nearing 36 years)

First Wind-Diesel Project

Sagar Island (WB), supplied by Auroville Wind Systems for WBREDA

First Joint Sector Company

M.P. Windfarms Ltd., Bhopal, M.P. (Promoted by Consolidated Energy Consultants Ltd., IREDA & M.P. Urjavikas Nigam Ltd.) formed in the year 1994

(Completed 29 years of formation)

First exclusive Web-site on Windpower Programme in India

www.windpowerindia.com developed by Consolidated Energy Consultants Ltd., Bhopal in the year 2000 (being updated every month)

First Directory on Windpower Programme in India

Directory Indian Windpower a unique publication of its kind, being published by Consolidated Energy Consultants Ltd., Bhopal, since 2001

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