NTPC Completes Auctions for 1200 MW Wind Power Project

It is learnt that NTPC has recently completed its auction for 1200 MW Wind Power Project. Initially, NTPC was aiming to auction 2,500 MW of projects, but got bids only for 2,000 MW. After this, it reduced the tender to 1,200 MW.


The firms winning the auction and their price per kWh is as below:


Sl. No. Name of the Firm Capacity of WPP Price per kWh
1 Sprng Energy (Actic LLP) 200 MW Rs. 2.77
2 Mytrah Energy 300 MW Rs. 2.79
3 Continuum 50 MW Rs. 2.80
4 Renew Power 300 MW Rs. 2.81
5 Hero Future Energies 300 MW Rs. 2.82
6 EDF 50 MW Rs. 2.83