CECL Launches 20th Land mark Edition of Directory Indian Windpower 2020

Consolidated Energy Consultants Ltd. (CECL) besides providing technical consultancy services for development of wind power projects since 1986 started publishing Directory Indian Wind Power annually since 2001 by compiling information related Indian Wind Power Sector including Government Policies, Tariff Orders, Guidelines, Wind Turbine Manufacturers, Wind Monitoring Stations, Installations, Component Suppliers, Service providers etc. Due to exhaustive coverage the Directory has become popular among the stakeholders and is widely referred.

The Directory Indian Wind Power 2020 is available in ”DIGITAL” and “PRINT” both versions at https://cecl.in/directory/dir_payment_for_book_page.php?sel_product_id=2.

PRINT version of DIW 2020 is now also available on *Amazon* at https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08LDN1GVR?ref=myi_title_dp.

For further information, kindly call CECL on +91-(0)755-4058931, or drop us an e-mail on directory@cecl.in or directorycecl@gmail.com.